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Nestbox 2M/FG 32 mm w. pred. protection

In areas where Cats and other predators can be a danger to nesting birds, the
1B and 2M Nest Boxes can be ordered with a protective grill.

This box has a brood chamber with an internal diameter of 12 cm.

The free suspension with a central hanger and its conical roof makes it well protected against cats and can deter martens, as well. It is very popular in private gardens and especially around fruit trees, mainly in areas where the trees are short and have many branches. This box is not designed to be installed directly at the tree.trunk.

The front panels of the 1B and 2M are interchangeable. The different sized entrance holes can be matched to the predominant species of birds in the locality.

Because its weight, the 2M hardly sways in the wind. Any movement does not deter birds from occupying the box and does not prevent them from successfully raising their young

Siting and positioning:
The loop is place over the branch and then closed. This is a reliable method for gardens and orchards..

Cleaning and inspection:
Easy Cleaning and inspection due to removeable front panel.

Entrance hole:
Ø 32 mm with green protective grill

Great-, Blue-, Marsh-, Coal- and Crested Tit, Nuthatch, Collared and Pied Flycatcher, Tree and House Sparrows.

SCHWEGLER wood-concrete.

Delivery includes:
• Nestbox with removeable front panel
• Galvanized steel hanger

Available colours:
 • Classic Brown
 • Olive Green
 • Nature Red
 • Modern White

approx. 3,8 kg


Available Options:
Nestbox 2M/FG  32 mm w. pred. protection
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