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NEW! 2GR-WBS with Protection against Raccoons

 - NEW! - 

Nest Box 2GR oval with protective device against Raccoons

The 2GR-WBS Nest Box is suitable as an occupancy and breeding nest for Wild Birds as well as a hanging site for Bats. The brood is largely protected against the Raccoon (Procyon lotor) as a nest predator. Due to the Europe-wide increasing Raccoon stocks, increased nest predation can occur locally. As a protection measure, a largely safe breeding place can be created for Birds with the help of the 2GR-WBS.

The integrated protective mesh in conjunction with the additional tree fixing minimises predation of local Bird populations by the Raccoon and offers highly enhanced protection for Bird clutches, young and old Birds as well as Bats.


Typical occupants include Great, Blue, Marsh, Coal and Crested Tits. Common Redstarts, Nuthatches, Collared and Pied Flycatchers, Wrynecks, Tress and House Sparrows as well as Bats.

1.5 to 3.5 m.

Direction of the exit hole:
In gardens and orchards the exit hole should be directed towards the south-east. This is not always necessary in places protected from wind and the weather.

SCHWEGLER wood-concrete. Protective cage made of powder coated- solid perforated metal sheet and powder-coated steel.

Cleaning the Nest Box:
The removable front panel makes inspection and possible cleaning easy. Complete removal of nest material (i.e. cleaning of the Nest Box) takes place from mid-August. Bats, who are still in the boxes at this time should, of course, be left in peace. In this case, the Nest Box can be cleaned from mid-October. Use of chemical cleaning agents is not necessary. In exceptional cases, use hot water.

Birds build their nests themselves. Please do not insert any nesting material.


  • 1x Nest Box Base Unit (Carcass) Type 2GR
  • 1x front panel with integrated protective cage
  • 1x locking ball Ø 25 mm
  • 2x aluminium nail
  • 1x tying wire approx. 1.3 m
  • 1x installation instructions

 Also available as a Retrofit Kit (Order No. 00838/1) for existing 2GR Nest Boxes.


NEW! 2GR-WBS with Protection against Raccoons NEW! 2GR-WBS with Protection against Raccoons NEW! 2GR-WBS with Protection against Raccoons
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