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DELIVERY TIME 5 months! Edible Dormouse Box 1KS

Product not available at short notice, delivery time about 5 months!


Dormice seek refuge in relatively undisturbed broad-leaf woodlands. If such habitats are not available they become easy prey for their natural predators such as martens and owls.

They will readily use the 1KS as secure quarters, for over-wintering too, depending on the region.
Suitable for: All the varieties of dormouse found in Central Europe (edible, garden, forest and common dormice).

Based on past experience and ongoing development work SCHWEGLER have extended their range of alternative accommodation for dormice with the introduction of a special box.
The Type KS dormouse box is an inexpensive way of helping to preserve woodland species.
One of the main advantages of the KS is that the entrance is at the rear, facing the tree trunk, making it more difficult for birds to occupy it (it is important to ensure that the trunk is of the right diameter).
With upper, lower and side openings next to the trunk the actual access is ideally positioned but still well protected from potential predators.
Advantages of the KS wood concrete box:

  • Suspension method and materials approved for forest use
  • Patented, central suspension method prevents box from becoming ingrown.
  • Safe, long-lasting and weather-resistant.
  • A quality product made in Germany.
  • Field-tested

Siting and positioning:
Suitable sites: Dry broadleaf and mixed coniferous and broadleaf woodlands, with widely spaced trees.

Provided there is plenty of available food, woodlands consisting predominantly of conifers may also be suitable.

These animals tend to establish themselves well in woodland (frequently on the edges of woods, or where wind breakage or replanting have occurred), and with dense undergrowth and shrubs.

This provides a good source of food. Meadows interspersed with fruit trees or large, wild gardens also offer a habitat for dormice, provided there is woodland nearby.

It is advisable to hang the boxes between holes and cavities already occupied by birds to avoid unnecessary disturbance by birds seeking nesting sites.
Patented SCHWEGLER hanger - incl. aluminium nails which have been approved for forestry use.

The back of the box is rounded, matching the shape of the trunk and ensuring a secure attachment.
Ideally the boxes should be placed at a height of
1.5 - 3 m above the ground.

Cleaning and inspection: The front panel is removable to enable quick and easy checks to be carried out. It is not necessary to remove the box from the tree. Cleaning is usually carried out from January to March.
IMPORTANT: do not disturb overwintering animals!

Entrance hole: Ø 40 mm

Occupants: Suitable for: All the varieties of dormouse found in Central Europe (edible, garden, forest and common dormice).

Weather-resistant, air-permeable SCHWEGLER wood concrete with a galvanized mounting strap. 

Delivery includes:
Box, hanger, aluminium nail.

Classic brown

External dimensions: W 17.5 x H 29.5 x D 22.5 cm
Interior: 12.5 x 12.5 cm

5.7 kg

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